Corrosion coupons

pipeline corrosion couponsEnhanceCo provides a comprehensive system of corrosion coupons for monitoring and controlling corrosion across a broad spectrum of industries including oil and gas production, midstream operations, transmission systems, and refineries. We also provide coupons to municipal water districts, data storage centers and for multi-story buildings.

With the increased emphasis on local, state and federal regulations corrosion coupons may meet and exceed the requirements when used in the appropriate manner. Significant factors are locating coupons in representative areas and keeping adequate records of the analysis.

Corrosion coupons are designed to be installed in fluid systems to measure the amount, type and rate of corrosion occurring. After being installed for an adequate amount of time (typically 30-90 days), coupons are removed and returned to EnhanceCo for analysis. Analysis includes cleaning, reweighing, examining and reporting the results in a graphic representation for ease of understanding. We have recently added increased capabilities for analysis to include pit morphology, pit depth and high magnification photography.

Various types and styles of coupons are available:

  • Flat
  • Rod
  • Disc
  • Pipe
  • Welded

Various materials are commonly used:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper or Copper Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • Hastelloy
  • Coated Carbon Steel

Corrosion coupons are usually mounted on fixed and retractable holders and stress coupon racks. (See description in Corrosion Coupon Holders section.) Insulators may be constructed from Teflon, Grafoil, PEEK, or other specialty materials.

Training and Field Services

EnhanceCo provides training, installation and other field services upon request.

For pricing please contact EnhanceCo, Inc. at, or 281 499 4426.