Injection & Sampling Quills

EnhanceCo provides injection and sampling quills to assist in the injection of products into a pressurized system or in the collection of representative samples from liquid or gas lines.


These quills are available as fixed or retractable instruments in a variety of corrosion resistant materials and may also be fitted with specially designed tips to enhance the dispersion of products into a line. All quills are fabricated to ANSI construction standards and can meet NACE MRO 175 standards for sour service. They have a long history of providing improved dispersion of various chemicals and solvents into low and high pressure systems as well as into low and high temperature systems to order to improve their performance.

A prime example of the application of an injection quill is its use in refinery applications for water washing in crude units. Because of the high temperatures these quills are often fabricated using Hastelloy and flanged, rather than threaded, because of the pressure injected. Water is injected through the quill to assist in removing naphthenic acids from the system. (See example below.)



Also available in fixed or retractable versions, sampling quills are normally used to collect representative samples of product in low and high pressure and temperature systems. In addition, sampling quills may be configured to hold corrosion coupons for corrosion rate measurements. As an example, sampling quills are used in a produced oil gathering systems where, due to low velocity, water accumulates in the low areas of a pipeline. In order to accurately measure water chemistry and corrosion rates, these sampling quills are designed to collect water samples through their corrosion coupon insulators. (See example below.)

Sampling Quills