Integrated Systems

Side Stream Monitors

During the last 25 years EnhanceCo has provided specialized bypass systems for monitoring internal corrosion in real time conditions in a variety of locations, both on and offshore. Our systems are designed to operate at system temperature and pressure while drawing fluids from the pipeline and, after phase separation and measurement, return the fluids back into the line. These integrated systems provide a platform for comparing multiple corrosion monitoring and measurement techniques and for obtaining samples for local or laboratory investigation. Data from the various instruments can be collected at the site or transmitted electronically for further analysis.

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  • pipeline monitoring system
    Portable Integrated System
  • Integrated Portable System
  • Integrated Portable System

Smart Systems

We offer multiple methods of internal corrosion monitoring with both commercially available and custom-crafted equipment. Our experience with multiple manufacturers and systems enables us to help the customer pick the most cost effective equipment for each application. And more important, our experience in the field of corrosion enables us to recommend the most effective technique or techniques, and to design a corrosion monitoring system that is effective, scalable and repeatable.